Homage to Josef Albers at “DUPED!”

Foster Turcott (fosterturcott.com) and I recently collaborated on a piece for a show called “DUPED” at the Piranha Gallery.  The show featured works exploring the theme of duplicity and using clay in some way (in conjuction with the National Convention for Education in Ceramic Arts visiting Seattle last month.)

Our piece is sort of hard to describe for anyone who didn’t have a chance to see the installation live, so I made a series of pictures into a stop motion video that could maybe come a little closer to describing the piece than words or a single still image.  I will critique one thing right off the bat: the timing in the experience of watching the video is very different from in the installation, where the viewer can use buttons to control the changing of one or the other slide at will.

The piece is basically rectangles of colored light projected through ultra-thin, translucent sheets of porcelain.  One driving concept on the theme of duplicity/deception is our attempt to make clay material (heavy, solid, earth-like) appear as light (temporal, weightless, bright) and vis-versa. It was also a color study using light mixing rather than pigment, because light can create counter-intuitive surprises with the primary colors being RED GREEN and BLUE rather than red, yellow and blue.  The changing of slides also refers to the randomness as well as the affect of our own consciousness on an outcome, which is a loose reference to the little bit I’ve read on quantic mechanics. Foster and I also were influenced by the color theory and glass work by Josef Albers.

Devon Midori Hale

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