Recent Figure Paintings

I continually find it difficult to post my recent paintings because I always feel like something about the work is incomplete in some way or that I’m not ready to show it. In spite of this feeling, I am posting my recent paintings in their potentially incomplete state.  These days, painting is only a portion of my artistic production, but I do still call myself a painter so it is, of course, the most important portion.

Loose notes: I am still exploring the construction of memory and reality in our brains with figure and still life. I believe in the fallibility of our memories and the inevitable process of editing and reassessing our memories as we reflect after learning new information and gaining different perspectives.  Since December, I have brought back a live model to work with, and I have noticed an interesting tension between imagined and real painted bodies. The figures I continue to work on are painted as if they are just one draft of an endlessly evolving theory, always open to being re-worked. The transparency of the latest re-working is meant to imply the transience of everything we experience, the flimsiness of our ideas, and a general lack of certainty.

Devon Midori Hale


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