Notes to Self

Feb 13th, 2010 – Focus of Work:

– What is the relationship between sculpture and painting, or painting and drawing?

– Interrogation, Investigation of these two genres, finding, What is the difference exactly, where the difference is NOT the materials or the number of dimensions, but rather the way of conceiving space, perceiving/experiencing space, and creating space.

– Explore these boundaries by taking processes and concepts normal to my medium and employing it onto another medium.

For example: Sculpture (3D) is built. Let me conceive of the painted/drawn space as built, built of lines, layers, using structure. Let the sculptures be drawn, as gesture drawings, built in a way that tells where not what. (No nose, no elbow is rendered.)

–      Drawing is a process of mapping, trial, and experimentation.  So use painting for all of those purposes.

–      Painting is normally the finished product of the process. Let the drawing become the product, not just the means to the end, using the materials to the fullest capacity and dedicating more time and energy.

–      Maybe try drawing from an observation of the painting.



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