Amanda Manitach, “WITH THESE WORDS HE DID CRY LIKE A COW: questions for Rudolf Schwarzkogler”


“Two-channel video projection and par can lights illustrating a performance of three of Rudolf Schwarzkogler’s Action Scores, accompanied by questions about the necessity of specified materials and the possibility of substitution.”

– A. Manitach


I recently saw this video installation at “onn/of” light festival last week, and was particularly moved. The projections are viewed side by side, and though the images are not literal interpretations of Schwarzlogler’s text, Manitach emulates this new reality and the reappropriation of materials that works against expectation and memory. Also, the way in which the text is projected with such fleeting and repetitive quality truly replicates the way the mind questions itself, the way speculations about what we believe to be true come and go and never seem to resolve. The statements are visual and slightly romanticized in the language and yet we learn to not become sentimental over them, just as realities are constantly produced and simultaneously deconstructed.

 On Schwarzlogler: “Whilst the actions of the others in vienna all had a clear dramatic sequence that functioned over time, he created a different kind of action. he arranged montages out of reality, montages consisting of different realities. by means of the most sensitive feeling for form he brought elements of reality into new relationships with one another, for example, the naked body of a young man with the dampness of a fish…the reflections of light on a black mirror.” (Hermann Nitsch)


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